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Dj’s Mina Alaa and Fady Hany A.K.A(Fady & Mina) born in cairo (Egypt). From the early years their talent for music was clear. Fady got his first keyboard at the age of 6 and Mina’s first mix was at the age of 12 , they also began by listening to all kinds of music (Pop, Techno, Rnb, etc.), then started listening to trance; they were both fascinated by the melodies, beats and everything about this music. They were taken by the tunes of great producers like Paul van Dyk, Marco V, Tiesto and the Egyptian heroes(Aly and Fila). Trance is not only a music they have listened to, it was a lifestyle, after playing some dark tribal, the music concept and culture has been completely changed into the world of melodies and uplifting beats.. Following the steps of Aly & Fila bringing the energy back to trance music, with the passion to create and innovate in the electronic music scene world-wide. After that they decided to create their own music, so they’ve started to invade the trance scene by listening to all types of Trance music, and they’ve known the passion inside them towards this genre. They performed in many parties and privately organized events for their friends. By days, they were first introduced to people by (nile fm),their sets were aired on the local radio station, and they gained positive feedbacks from their friends and Djs. They started to set up their studio and they produced a couple of tracks, and it was the start that never ends!!..

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