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Various bands exist under this name: 1) Taiwanese boy band (Use 飛輪海) 2) Chilean Hard Rock Band 3) Swedish post punk band 4) Mexican Metal band 5) Hungarian Hard Rock band 6) Venezuelan Heavy Metal band 7) A Thai Rock Band 8) An Austrian AOR band 9) Ukrainian metalcore band 2) Chilean Hard Rock Band Fahrenheit is a Hard Rock band from Santiago, Chile, deeply influenced by 80’s and 70’s rock legends such us Aerosmith, Van Halen and Skid Row. ºFahrenheit is well known in the latin-american rock scene for its intense on-stage performance, energetic sound and killer guitar solos. Throughout seven years of career, ºFahrenheit has received positive reviews from the media, along with worldwide exposure through MTV and Much Music, breaking new ground in the yet unexplored spanish rock market. The band has played in massive shows in Chile and Mexico, including opening for Evanescence and the legendary “Vive Latino” festival. After releasing their debut album “Chain Reaction” through Perris Records, the band decided to develop their music in its native language and started working in their first spanish album, “Nuevos Tiempos”, with multi-platinum producer David Prater, known for his work with Dream Theater, Firehouse and the Dirty Dancing movie OST. With its third album soon to released, the band hopes to keep rising in the latin rock mainstream. Their third album will be released during late 2009, for free over the internet. www.fhtrock.com 3) Swedish post punk band Fahrenheit is a Swedish post punk band that changed their name from Schnabels in 1983, and switched drummers from Lennart Holmström to Johan Schjelderup (at least I think they were drummers, but please correct me if im wrong, the record sleeves tell nothing about any line up at all). The music also changed a bit, but kept the intense new wave of say, the best parts on the "pop-job" sampler, and took it to new levels of great music. The surrealistic lyrics of "Under skydd av det vackra" gets to me each listen. Also, I must say that the vocal parts are much better in fahrenheit than in schnabel. 4) Mexican Metal Band http://fahrenheitportal.com/ 5) Hungarian Hard Rock band Fahrenheit was formed in 1994 after by guitarist/vocalist Zoltán Maróthy, bass player Gábor Vörös and drummer Csaba Tobola, all former members of Ossian. They released 3 studio albums: Fahrenheit in 1995, Egyedül in 1996 and III in 1999. To date, III is their last album as the members are busy with their other projects. Maróthy is the guitarist/vocalist of KISS Forever Band (KISS Tribute), with whom he has toured Europe several times in the role of Space Ace; Vörös has played with such bands as Omen, Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel and Hungarica; Tobola has also spent 10 years (1995-2005) with KISS Forever Band and is now playing with L'art Pour L'art Társulat. Their last concert to date was held on February 3, 2006 in Wigwam Rock Club in Budapest. Their unofficial fourth member was Gábor Gyöngyösi (keyboards), known from such acts as Hard/H.A.R.D. 6) Venezuelan Heavy Metal band Traditional metal band from Caracas featuring a female lead singer with a strong voice. Released one full-lenght LP in 1983. 7) A Thai Rock band http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fahrenheit_%28Thai_band%29 (from Wikipedia) "Fahrenheit (ฟาเรนไฮต์) is a Thai rock band featuring a female lead vocalist, Piraporn Pranpanas, backed by former members of other well-known Thai rock bands. Guitarist Pichet Kruawan was from Y Not 7 while drummer Kittisak and founding bassist Apirath Sukkhajitr were from Loso. Bassist Apirath left the band to rejoin Loso, with Arkom Nuchanin (from Taxi) joining Fahrenheit in March 2006. Despite no new album during that period, the band's new lineup could be seen in live concerts." 8) An Austrian AOR band http://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/band.cgi?BandNum=2168 Fahrenheit was an Austrian AOR / Pop Rock ensemble that featured Johnny Kanatschnig (vocals, guitars), Bernard Groinig (guitars), Claudio Ghidini (keyboards), Mario Kleinberger (bass), and Harold Huber (drums). They released an album entitled "Talking 'Bout Love" in 1989. It is highly sought after in AOR and hard rock circles alike. 9) Ukrainian metalcore band http://vk.com/fahrenheitmusic

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