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Long Island guitarist Faine Jade began performing and recording as a member of the Rustics in the mid-'60s, with basic, energetic, angst-ridden material that differed little from literally thousands of other like-minded garage bands across the country. After a single with the Rustics in 1966, Jade recorded a 45 under his own name in 1967, "It Ain't True," which was rescued from obscurity on the Pebbles, Vol. 8 compilation. His solo LP on the tiny R.S.V.P. label in 1968, Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital, showed a quantum leap in songwriting with reflective, enigmatic lyrics and a swirling but disciplined melodicism. It has ranked among the most coveted collectibles of the psychedelic era, and resurfaced as an unauthorized reissue on a British label in the early '80s. After recording an album as a member of the country-rock band Dustbowl Clementine in 1970, Jade has been mostly inactive.

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