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There are at least 3 bands with the name Fair Warning: a German hardrock band, a Canadian hardcore band and an American pop-punk band. 1.) Fair Warning is a German hard rock band founded in 1991 by former V2 vocalist Tommy Heart and former Zeno bassist Ule W. Ritgen. The band was rounded out by guitarists Helge Engelke, Andy Malecek and drummer Jurgen 'C.C.' Behrens. Fair Warning debuted with their self titled album in 1991 and released the next album Rainmaker in 1995. After that Fair Warning released two more studio albums: Go! and 4 (Four) before disbanding in the year 2000. Many of the band members have pursued different projects with Tommy Heart heading the hard rock band Soul Doctor and Helge Engelke (with C C Behrens) resurfacing later in Dreamtide. More than five years after their last album "Four", the German Melodic Hard Rock sensations Fair Warning are back! Their album Brother's Keeper and Aura , again displaying Fair Warning's highly acclaimed ability to use all kinds of stylistic musical elements and yet having their own unique identity. 2.) Fair Warning was a popular hardcore band from Montreal, Quebec in the 1980's. They released one LP, "You Are the Scene". 3.) There was also a melodic pop-punk band from Long Island, NY named Fair Warning. They formed in 1995 by four close friends, Dan Bedford, Ryan Penny, Mykee Shaffer, and Nick Wendel. Nick later left the band to join The Stryder and now plays with Santogold. That brought in Henry Quindara as the new bassist. Ryan now plays with the rock band Corsica. Fair Warning produced one EP, Not Even Catusca, and one album, Give and Burn.

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