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The art of beatboxing is considered by many to be an extraordinary skill, if that is the case then Faith SFX is a beatboxing extraordinaire. At the age of 17 Faith SFX has undergone an unbelievable emergence into the UK urban music industry. Faith grew up in NW5 of London and started beatboxing in 2003 while in his final years at William Ellis School Highgate. Like a duck that takes to water Faith quickly established that he had a natural ability to replicate numerous sound effects, samples, beats and even vocals - sometimes all simultaneously with the sole use of his mouth. He is the first and only beatboxer to come from the UK Garage/Grime as well as the UK HipHop scene. Besides continuously performing at big clubs around the UK and participating in Tours he is also constantly in the studio producing Tracks with artists and crews from the UK underground scene such as SLK, Akala, Professor Green, Narstie and Lman and many more. His production is all from his own effects and only with the use of his beatboxing sounds. He doesn't use any samples or instruments. He performed at the UMF 2004. Here he showcased his talent in front of 20,000 people just minutes before the legendary Jay Z's last retirement performance. He has also opened for big Acts such as Jadakiss, Ludacris, Mobb Deep and many more and he always gets the Crowd going no matter what type, Gender or Quantity. He has also featured on many TV and Radio programs such as ITV, MTV, Channel 4, BBC 2, Kiss100, Radio 1, and 1Xtra as well as many pirate stations around London. Since he started first year his abilities and his impact showed no signs of abating. Like true pioneers he was able to take his art form to audiences who would conventionally not have access to it. This gave him the opportunity to translate his underground success into the mainstream domain by featuring in such projects as the Motorola advert or the feature interview he did on the Prime Time TV program 'the Paul O'Grady show'. He now performs on a regular basis and a substantial proportion of these performances take place around the world and through out the UK. Faith has also demonstrated his versatility as he has taken part in many cross over projects. One for which he gained particular credit involved working closely with mercury award nominees Denis Baptise and Joanne McGregor for 5 weeks working towards the production of an urban rendition of jazz percussion piece performed live for Radio 4. His young age, the speed to which he has been catapulted into the limelight and the uniqueness of his skill have resulted in him acquiring by many urban music enthusiasts the tag of being the most promising and technically skilled Beatboxer in the UK if not in the world. The well respected founder of HipHop Kool DJ Herc says: 'Faith SFX is the best thing coming out of the UK at the moment'. It is believed that with many years to come, Faith will be taking the art form further into un-chartered territory.

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