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There are (were) a bunch of bands called FAST FORWARD 1. Fast Forward from Warsaw (Poland) playing Melodic Hardcore / Punk. First line-up: Damon - vocals Greg - guitar Paul - guitar Tom - bass Eric - drums Releases: "EP 2008" on Sing-Along Records currently recording firth full-lenght album Influences: Melodic Hardcore / Punk bands such as: Vision, Comeback Kid, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere, Ignite, Champion... 2. Hardcore / Punk / Alternative from Los Angeles, USA FAST FORWARD was formed around 1999 in L.A, CA and is known for their controversially political live shows. Includes mysterious members w/ ties to such organizations as NAZTI SKINZ, WRANGLER BRUTES, THE LOCUST, and LE SHOK. Their music sounds like CHROME or CHRISTIAN DEATH. They have two previous releases on Vermiform and KOTM. 3. Metal / Industrial / Techno from Ile-de-France, France They decided to stop all band activities. Born in 1998 out of the union of Gjalp (Gothic, General Dub) and Didier Ambact (the drummer of formations like Requiem, Treponem Pal and Micropoint), they will be joined in 2004 by Nitroben (the guitarist of Stupéflip, Collapse, Marousse and General Dub). Since its beginning, Fast Forward merges styles like hardcore, metal and industrial, working out a universe shaped like a sound guerrilla, where all kinds of kicks seem to be permitted. Maxis and ep’s follow up each other on the labels Xunk, Moloko +, Epileptik, Toolbox, PKG, Epiteth… Full lenght is called "Mabinogion" 4. 80s AOR Band with Living in fiction album (1984) 5. Fast Forward is also a British percussionist specializing in steel pan; he now lives in New York City.

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