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There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Fatal Charm is a female fronted new wave / synthpop band from Nottingham, UK. They started out as a male-only punk band, but soon female singer Sarah Simmonds joined, Simmonds first appeared on the single "Christine", produced by Midge Ure. Fatal Charm gradually transformed to a synthpop band, consisting solely of founder Paul K. Arnall and Simmonds. Fatal Charm continued to record and release during the '80s, '90s and 2000s. Their track "Stoned Loving", with vocals by Paul Arnall, appears on several compilations. Discography: 1985 - Endangered Species 1990 - This Strange Attraction 2006 - Pop 2006 - Plastic (compilation of early tracks) 2) Fatal Charm was a mid-80s Hair Metal band. Many might not have heard of Fatal Charm before as they didn't venture to Hollywood like most another Sleaze/Glam bands in the search of a record deal. Fatal Charm were most active between 1986 - 1995, but still are playing the one off show every now and again to sold out audiences. Frontman Joey D describes the music "I think the greatest selling point for Fatal Charm is that we were so before our time, I mean our look was dead on 1988 and so on, but our music was comparable to The Black Crowes, L.A. Guns, The Cult, Poison, even The Ramones and Cheap Trick. I think that's why we were always the most interesting band to come see, we just had something for everyone. It was just great honest rock with all the trimmings of the big band sleaze rock days. One of the songs we recorded is even going to be featured on Ted Poley of Danger Danger's new CD.

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