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Faxed Head is a death metal side project headed by Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle fame. The band's bios and lyrics describe them as 'teenage survivors of a suicide pact gone horribly awry,' and place them in small-town Coalinga, California. Band members' identities are generally kept secret and the band may have a somewhat revolving lineup. Much of their music is a combination of speed/death metal and tape noise and effects. Songs occasionally cross into lampooning genres like classical (House of Spirits), a capella crooning (The Four Freshmen), and rap (Coalinga Love, a parody of California Love by Tupac Shakur). The band released three albums, 'Uncomfortable But Free' (Amarillo 1995), 'Exhumed At Birth' (Amarillo 1997) and 'Chiropractic' (Web of Mimicry, 2001), but is currently not active and no plans for recording have been made public as of June, 2008. The best known lineup consists of Trey Spruance (as Neck Head) - guitar, Gregg Turkington (AKA Neil Hamburger, as McPatrick Head) - vocals, Brandan Kearney (as Jigsaw Puzzle Head) - bass, Phil Franklin (as LaBrea Tar Pits Head) - drums, and James Goode (as Fifth Head) - electronics.

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