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1) Faze - heavy metal band 2) Faze - electronic music duo 3) Faze -Hip Life artist from Nigeria, Africa 4) R&B artists from the80's, their most famous love song was on quiet fire often, and was entitled 'Cold Sweat'. 5) FaZe - Soulful House & UK Funky DJ/Producer 6) Faze- Underground London Rapper/Producer ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Faze is a self-produced heavy metal band from Japan. They formed in 2003. Toki - vocals Ryutaro - guitars Masato - guitars Katsuya - bass Kousei - drums Disco: Faze / Demo Demo, 2003 AvoiD Demo, 2003 Throbbing 〜ŒÛ“®〜 Single, 2004 White EP, 2005 Shine Full-length, 2005 --------------------- 2) Faze - Electronic music duo Formed in June 1998, Faze consists of Eric Fullerton (lyrics and music) and Shekira Dodd (lead vocals and lyrics) Faze has self produced two albums, "Nailhead" and "Inner Piece." The current album in the works is "Holes in the Noise." Shekira joined in early 2000. This will be the first album with vocals. - Eric The piano is what got me hooked on making music. At a young age my mother, being a piano teacher at the time, taught me to play. This had a huge impact on me. Through the years of playing, this lead me to want to compose my own. Enter: The Electronic Age. I started in the early 80's with the old Casio & Yamaha keyboards and then in the late 80's shifted over to computer based sequencing using midi and mod trackers with an Amiga 500. My musical focus was 'New Age' and 'Synthpop' (big fan of David Arkenstone, Yanni, Tangerine Dream, and all of Narada Equinox). I followed Amigas until the early 90's with an Amiga 4000 until I finally broke down and shifted my studio over to PCs. So in '98 I started doing club/trance music, after befriending club DJs that subjected me to that whole genre. I'm really enjoying all forms of electronic music, and I'm thankful of AcidPlanet. It's great to meet and collaborate with other talents. - Shekira Like Eric, the piano bug hit me at about 4. From playing around everyday for about 10 years...I self taught myself a strange, sort of classical style of music. I have been composing these piano tunes for years, but have slacked off in the most recent of times due to work and school (got to make a living!) Singing is another story. As part of the MTV generation...I have been playing with my vox since I was about 3, but have yet to get any formal training (working on it though!) I would have to say my most heaviest of influences from the vocal stand point would have to be Fiona Apple, Sarah Maclachlan, Dido, Mazzy Starr and most recently, Nikka Costa. Musically, I'm influenced by the above and the Sneaker Pimps, The Doors, Cake, Moby, and Eric of FAZE...who is a musical genius. But honestly, by trade, I am a photographer...not a vocalist. I started photography in highschool and have been doing it ever since...producing a website portfolio and doing local work for various bands and individuals. Check it out www.screamingphotos.com There is also a Hip Life artist Faze. I was actually hoping that this page would be the Hip Life artist.... Faze : Kolomental is one of his works. ----------------- 4) FAZE - Soulful House & UK Funky DJ Mixes downloadable at : http://rapidshare.com/users/JJWZ3N ----------------- 6) FAZE- Underground London Rapper Who Has Taken Influence From ASAP Rocky And OFWGKTA! So Far He Has Worked With Mikey Ha$h And Has Released Two Of His Own Mixtapes! More To Come! GoldChain Gang Member Till Death

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