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There is more than one artist with this name; 1) FDM stands for Fintan Dawson Music, the name under which young English experimental artist Fintan James Dawson records. His music is produced using only a guitar, bass and keyboard and edited using a laptop, all of this done by Fintan himself. The recent release of his EP “Monster Truckin’” was a huge success for the artist, despite the EP being very rare, with only around 14 copies produced. 2) F D M is the acronym for First degree murder, a swedish punk - hardcore band from Borlänge with Fredda Brickman (guitar), Fredd (drums), Micke (vocals) and Lars (vocals). Fredda & Fredd have both previously played in Tritonus and Fredda also in Ogräs. 3) FDM is an experimental hip-hop comedy act from Canada currently touring Toronto with a sketch comedy musical. 4) FDM is a British R&B/pop band, consisting of Jermaine Riley, Varren Wade “Baby V” and Kyle Lettman, previously known as Fundmental and Fundamental 03. They formed in 2003 Jermaine and Kyle were introduced To Varren "Baby V" Wade the youngest memeber of the group. Baby V is from a musical family. He's the all rounder of the group who plays the piano, drums, saxaphone and some percussion instruments. Jermaine is the frontman of the group and a strong songwritter. He emits a beautiful aura and oozes creativity. He always strides to balance his dance ability with singing and when FDM perform live he as wel las Kyle and Baby V do not compromise. Kyle is the oldest member of the group and loves to combine his gymnastic ability with his dance to draw audiences in even more, he has a very clam mysterious aura and his charm and sensuality opens FDM up to an audience of older teens and women. His good looks though are not his best assest, he plays the piano and is also a good song writter and vocalist. Check them out at www.myspace.com/fdmonline

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