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The band Fear My Thoughts was founded in 1996. Originating from the same area that brought forth Destruction, Celtic Frost Evereve and other well known bands their aim in creating extreme music appeared just normal. After their first self produced Demo and Record SAPERE AUDE Fear My Thoughts started changing their style from more old school based influences towards a more experimental approach to music. Being very determined and yet not limited to any border the musical pulp combined everything from straight hardcore riffs to very technical metal. Still there was always room for acoustic parts and sweet melodies. The next two albums 23 and VITRIOL were released on Let it burn records. The releases of these two albums were accompanied by two tours through Europe. The release of the split album with FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE marked a change in the musical orientation. It was now more than obvious that the journey would go back to the metal roots all members have. From record to record the music grew straighter and more technical. Still the influences are drawn from all different bands though meanwhile the music is much more focused and determined. Although Fear my thoughts style is strongly influenced by thrash and death metal it’s still can’t be reduced to just these two styles. Whether it’s Patrick`s or Markus guitars that give a special note to the sound or the solid but yet very technical drumming of Norman it’s not easy to put it into a certain and fitting category. The voice of singer Mathias has changed throughout the time from shrieking screams to a mix between growls, black metal alike screams and singing. With their Lifeforce debut album THE GREAT COLLAPSE the band was sure to get international recognition and gained a lot of positive feedback. The latest release HELL SWEET HELL finally brought another boost in their career. With very good rankings in ROCKHARD, METALHAMMER, LEGACY and other important magazines even more people got aware of the bands well developed skills. Fear my thoughts meanwhile now perfectly how to combine real, authentic aggression and sweet melodies to a very special mix that knows how to fascinate. With more than 300 shows played all over Europe Fear my thoughts have furthermore gained a lot of experience and a very solid fan base that is meanwhile located all over the world. Not only their music but their very independent and odd way to answer interviews makes Fear my thoughts a very special and unique act that is going to very far. Fear My Thoughts disbanded in February 2010 after a farewell show in Lörrach, Germany.

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