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There are 2 bands under this name. A Swiss grindcore / noisecore band and an American thrash metal band. 1) Fear of God, (often abbreviated to F.O.G.), was a Swiss grindcore band, active in the mid-late 1980s. Originally formed in 1987 and broke-up in 1988, but later reformed in 2002. Fear of God was largely considered the innovators of the noisecore / noisegrind genre(s), primarily evident on the acclaimed Fear of God and Pneumatic Slaughter EPs, which were of low recording and production quality, accompanied by an abrasive wall of feedback and distortion. Being one of the earliest grindcore bands of the time, and also one of the most extreme, they received much acclaim. The 'Pneumatic Slaughter' EP is the most well-known release of the band, often seen as a groundbreaking of the grindcore genre. Discography: Fear of God 7'' EP (1988) As Statues Fell 12'' LP - Live Recording (1988) Pneumatic Slaughter 7'' EP (1991) Konserven 7'' EP (1993) Split 12'' LP w/ Deathnoise (1997) Split 7'' EP w/ Godstomper 'Fearofgodstomer' (2001) Zeitgeist 12'' Double LP - Compilation (2003) Music Website of Former Vocalist, Erich Keller: http://www.goodbadmusic.com/ 2) Fear of God was a thrash metal / progressive metal band that evolved out of the lineup of Détente with female vocalist Dawn Crosby. The band is formed in 1989. Their style is comparable to that of Anacrusis, a technical, unique-sounding, sinister mix of Death-, Thrash-, and Progressive Metal with a wide variety of vocal styles. The Album "Within the Veil" (Warner Bros., 1990) has become a rare collector's piece by now. The band was celebrated in the metal underground for their avant-garde sound, yet the band history found a tragic end when vocalist Dawn Crosby died in consequence of her long alcohol abuse problem. The original lineup (1990): Dawn Crosby - vocal (R.I.P. April 5, 1963 - December 15, 1996 - acute liver failure); Michael Carlino - guitar; Blair Darby - bass guitar; Steve Cordova - drums.

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