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Fear Of Music were a four-piece indie/alternative band from Manchester, UK. They are named after an LP by the band Talking Heads. They formed in 2001 as a threesome consisting of Jo Rose (vocals/guitar/keys), Ali Esmaail (bass) and Chris Stanley (drums). Mike Ward joined the band in 2003 as an additional guitarist after being introduced to the other two members by Jo. Their musical influences are drawn from bands such as Radiohead, Muse, Nirvana, The Stone Roses, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Manic Street Preachers, Elliot Smith, Placebo, Les Saves Faves, Polysics, Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Buckley, Rage Against The Machine, Bloc Party, Joy Division, The Smiths, Azure Ray, Bright Eyes, Nine Black Alps, Bjork, Dresden Dolls, Yann Tierson, Weezer, Little Hell, Editors, The Innosense Mission, Thirteen Senses, Rolling Stones, Halo, Serafin, Vex Red, Bob Dylan, The Libertines, Simon Joyner, Giant Drag, System Of A Down, Robert Johnson, Test Icicles, Every Time I Die and Spineshank. They signed to Sony/BMG Records in 2005 and were managed by Nettwerk Management. A message on their myspace on 18th October 2008 announced that the band had split after being dropped by their record label.

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