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Fearsome biography

The band Fearsome was put together around the year 2000 by a bunch of high school kids, two of those kids where Magnus Stenqvist and David Knezevic. However the band had existed for a longer period of time then this but with different band members, different names and sometimes even without a name. It all started in 1997 when Magnus met David, well in fact it started in 1996 when they both started in the seventh grade in the same class. They where quite the opposite in personalities, they even had a couple of verbal disputes before they became friends. At that time David was not the heavy metal lover that you all know, he had only heard well known songs like Judas Priests - "Breaking The Law", Iron Maidens - "Fear Of The Dark" and a couple of Metallica songs, that was about it. One day a friend of Dave's had a portable CD player with him to school and what happened on that day changed David, for better or for worse, who knows. The song he heard was Dio, "Holy Diver", he was hooked, the song stuck in his head like no music had done before. A couple of weeks later in the school cafeteria he heard some fast and heavy music playing, but the song he heard was so high pitch that he almost thought that it was a woman singing. At first he didn't really like the song style but after listening a couple of times he was hooked once again. This time it was Helloween - "Dr. Stein" and "Future World", the music was so energetic and well played, it opened his eyes to another side of heavy metal. Magnus on the other hand was a heavy metal maniac from the cradle. His bigger brother Dan, who was a biker, often played his old school heavy metal records to Magnus, who liked what he heard. It was records from bands like Metallica, Megadeth but also a lot of punk. However for some reason a guitar was not Magnus first choice, even though he loved heavy metal he started playing the violin at an early age. You could say that it wasn't his choice more than his mother's, but it did open up Magnus eyes for music in general. It was around 1998, after he had witness some guy at school showing off his guitar skills to the audience, that he knew which instrument he wanted to play. Magnus got an electric guitar and started out playing Metallica and Nirvana stuff. In 1997 David and Magnus got together with a couple of other friends and started a band. Magnus was the only guitarist and David at that time was the lead vocalist due to the fact that he couldn't play any instrument. They had a friend of their's playing the drums and a female friend on the bass. The band was called Lomion witch is an elvish word witch means twilight child. The drummer in the band was a big fan of live role playing and he came up with the name. The band mostly played Misfits/Danzig and a couple of easy Metallica covers due to the lack of instrumental skills and the fact that they only had one guitarist. However they did manage to write one own song and it was called Warlord of Blood, a mediocre attempt to say the least to write a heavy metal song. It was on the other hand their very first attempt. The band called Lomion only played one gig and it was in the school hall. R.I.P After the members from Lomion went different ways Magnus and David joined a nameless band from Grängesberg, the guys home town. The band wasn't too serious but it was a fun thing to do and a good experience. The band struggled on finding a good band name, they had a long list of names and one of the names on the list was Fearsome, a name that apparently stuck in the guys head. The band couldn't decide on a name and some time after the band broke up. At the same time Damjan, David's little brother had bought a drum set that David use to play on to learn some of the basic beats. David kept on practicing the drums and together with Magnus they started to jam a little on their free time. After some time they decided to start their very own band. Their friend, Tommy Hedin, joined the band and became their lead guitarist. Once again they found a female bass player. David took the role as the drummer and that left the band without a lead vocalist. Magnus tried to sing a couple of times and later took over the role as lead singer. The band took the name Fearsome and have been Fearsome to present. After this the band had some bass players come and gone but the backbone of the band was always intact. Some small local gigs here and there helped Fearsome get more experience as a live band, but it was not deadly serious yet. In 2002 the band was about to go into the studio when their former bassist decided to quit the band. David's little brother Damjan jumped in and saved the band and the result was the Horrifying Hits demo that was released in the late summer 2002. Due to that Damjan had a background as a guitar player learning to play the bass was no problem. After the recording session Damjan became an official Fearsome member and is still to present. In the summer of 2003, after many Fearsome gigs, Tommy Hedin decided to quit the band, to continue his studies on a university level. The band tried for some time to play as a trio, just to keep the flame burning, but the sound lost a lot of its depth. In summer 2004 Magnus got to know guitarist Tobias Kniif through work and suggested him as the new guitarist to the band. It didn't take Tobias long to get along with the band and to learn the new material. Fearsome recorded two demos together with Tobias, "Something Evil" released around October 2004 and "We Ride Tonight" released in October 2005 and played numerous gigs with him. Tobias was a member of Fearsome up until June 2006 when he quit the band because his work took up too much of his time. The band and Tobias are still friends though and the separation was mutual. The band immediately found a new guitarist in Peter Rydberg, also playing in Black Tears, who could fill in the missing spot. Now in June 2006 the band, with its new line-up, feels stronger than ever, plans to record a brand new demo, play as much and have as much fun as they possible can.

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