Feast top 20 songs


Feast biography

1) Feast is a Stoner Rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed back in 2012, Feast serves the realm of gloom, misty rock ever since. Combining multiple genres like psychedelic, doom, and hard rock, with diverse influences from The White Stripes to Led Zeppelin and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They capture conditions of the human soul and its connection with society through the sequence of sounds. Consisting: Baskara (Vocal), Dicky & Adnan (Guitar), Awan (Bass), and Adrianus (Drum). 2)Feast was a Seattle band formed in the early 80’s and was originally called Feast of Friends. The founding members were Tom Mick on vocals, Dan Blossom on guitar and Jane Higgins on bass. The line-up also included musicians such as Dan Peters, Reed Hutchinson, Rolf Berteig, Darrell Myers and Kevin Evens. By the end of their existence the band manage to put out a demo cassette in a limited number of 50 copies. They split at some point in 1988 but will reunite 20 + years later with line-up including Reed and Dan sharing guitar duties, Tom on vocals, Rolf on drums and former Room Nine’s member Scott Boggan on bass. 3) Feast is a 4-piece based out of London, ONT. Some describe their music as Gypsy soul music, Mediterranean, blue grass folk with some jazz standards thrown in to keep things bouncin'. Influences: Grisman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Dead, Ben Harper, Jazz Standards The heart of Feast is Kristoffer Kimball and Michael Craig who share vocal duties. Ken Hume on drums & Brad McRonald on bass round out the band. 4) Food inspired Goregrind band from Concord, California. 5) Wall of sound from The Ymond. 6) Sludge band from the Netherlands: http://feast.bandcamp.com/

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