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There are two bands and a trance project named Federation: (1) The Federation is a hip-hop group from Fairfield, California, part of the San Francisco Bay Area.The group consist of Doonie Baby, Stressmatic, and Goldie, along with their producer Rick Rock. Rick Rock and Doonie Baby’s friendship and collaborative work dates back to the early ‘90s in Alabama, where they recorded as 2/3 of the group Cosmic Slop Shop. After Rick Rock was established in the Bay Area town of Fairfield (about 50 miles northeast of San Francisco), where he was helping to define the local sound, Doonie joined him out there and never looked back. Growing up in the neighboring communities of Vallejo and Fairfield, Stresmatic and Goldie’s friendship dated back to when they were children attending the same church, and rekindled with the shared love of rap music. Stres met Doonie through a local record store formerly known as the Funky Chicken, where the two – both former street battle rappers – engaged in friendly combat. Goldie was just 16 at the time, then confined to a wheelchair after being shot, but even then his abilities were clear to Rick, who first met him at a local mall. Accordingly, their single Hyphy achieved heavy rotation on MTV in late 2004. However, the group themselves has achieved little recognition beyond the Bay Area. In 2006, The Federation signed with Warner Bros. Records and are set to release a new album, executive produced by Rick Rock, led by the first single, "18 Dummy" along with its video. Their second single, I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night, has received rotation on the radio nationwide and are getting ready to shoot their video for their third single, "Get Naked You Beezy" The San Francisco Chronicle issued a front page DATEBOOK article on the group and their influence on the hyphy music genre on September 26, 2006. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Federation were a jazz/funk band from Bristol, UK in the 90's, the first album 'Flower To The Sun' was released on Mo' Wax records (1994). The second and third albums 'Earthloop' on Indochina (1996) and 'Headspinz' (1998) on Cup Of Tea Records saw the band move away into more drum'n'bass and trip hop territory. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) Federation is a trance project consisting of DJ and producer Solarstone (Richard Mowatt) and singer Ben Lost. The duo was formed in 2011. Their first single Synchronized was released on 24th of May 2011 on the Perfecto Fluoro label. The second release Something To Dream About was exclusively part of a compilation on Black Hole Recordings on 30th November 2011. Their second full single Innocent Desire was released 5th of December 2011, also on the Perfecto Fluoro label.

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