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Feel Good Productions have been radiating from their remote farm nestled in the hills of north-western Italy.Their music project erupted when DJ /producers Julian (Funky Farmer) & Pony (Rider) launched their first free parties at the farm where they developed their eclectic dj style. spinning anything from Reggae Mash Ups to Arabic Hip Hop, Balkan & Gypsy Bangers, Baile Funk,Asian Vibes,Bhangra,Afro, Kuduro. Since 1995 they were the leading inspiration behind Funkadelica's clubnights and Asian Underground Collective, which introduced and started working with ethnic vibes and new urban beats on the Italian scene. Club nights are still going from strength to strength. Their first production work: “The Feel Good Vibe” featuring MC Daddy E, also included in their Funkadelica – Dancing to a Different Drum compilation album, commanded heavy rotation on international radio/TV networks including MTV Europe and Asia and featured in more than 40 compilations worldwide. The Funkadelica compilation itself became one of the most representative of the Global Beat scene. This was the beginning of a production work which led to a series of albums,eps, remixes and compilations focused on global beats, world/dance/crossover sounds but also several radio oriented tracks featuring vocalists and Mcs from the international scene including: Daddy E, Yunis, Raiz, The One Shanti, Navigator, General Levy, Vaanya Diva. In 2007 FGP released "Balkanica!" (CD compilation Green Queen Music) focusing on the Gypsy & Balkan scene with previously unreleased Feel Good productions material and rare/exclusive tracks taken from Funky Farmer and Pony Rider's dj bags featuring Dunkelbunt vs Fanfara Ciociarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Mahala Rai Banda vs Shantel, !Deladap, Eastenders, Magnifico & Turbolenza and OMFO. The compilation had excellent feed back from Global Beats djs worldwide. Their most recent releases are the “Balkanica! e.p.” 12” vinyl including FGP tracks from the homonymous compilation plus a remix version by Stefano Miele and the “Knock Knock” 12' vinyl e.p. featuring Vaanya Diva vs General Levy and including exclusive remix versions by Haaksman & Haaksman; D Kay and Cay Taylan. Forthcoming 2008 releases : a special 7” vinyl edition of “We only got one life” featuring Uk Don Navigator plus an exclusive J Star remix on the flipside and a remix project of the Occitan band Lou Dalfin on Green Queen / Musicalista.

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