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In the great sprawling expanse known as Los Angeles, there exists a group of musicians who have been creating some of the most innovative and groundbreaking music of the past ten years. The genealogical tree that incestuously links the likes of Tool, Lusk, Failure, Autolux, Self, and countless others can be directly traced to Paul D'Amour, the mastermind behind Feersum Ennjin. Paul's story begins with the release and worldwide success of prog heavyweight Tool's full-length Undertow. His distinctive playing and song writing left its imprint on some of the 90's most memorable and influential music but in order for Paul to grow musically he felt the need to branch out to new sounds. This venture lead to the critically acclaimed, psychedelic pop sound of Lusk's debut Free Mars, with Chris Pitman (Guns N' Roses), Greg Edwards (Failure), and Brad Laner (Medicine/Electric Company). The dark sensibilities of Feersum Ennjin are an amalgam of lessons learned between being part of a groundbreaking prog rock band and an intensely experimental musical period. The power and aggression within are reminiscent of Tool, but lush harmonies, dynamic changes, and epic intentions allow for a wide range of styles and instrumentation harkening the dark melody of Bauhaus/Interpol with the arc of Pink Floyd and the driving force of Queens of the Stone Age. Written, performed, and produced by D'Amour in his Topanga Canyon studio and at Matt Mahaffey's (Self) recording studio (featuring Matt on drums), Feersum Ennjin understands the delicate balance between hard rock, experimental tendencies, and appealing melody. Tool fans won't be disappointed, and new fans will be anointed.

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