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Feindflug is an east German power noise/ electro-industrial project/band, founded in 1995 in Chemnitz, Germany (formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt). The name means 'attack raid', 'sortie', or in direct translation from German; 'flight against the enemy' / 'enemy-flight'. The name was originally a project title, rather than a band name. Recurring themes in their music and artwork are totalitarianism, World War II, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany. In "Volk und Armee" (2005) every title refers to a theme in Soviet / Russian history. In the late 1990's the band was accused of links with the German neo-nazi scene, due to the project's themes, the presence of right-wing fans at their concerts, and especially because they first appeared on a right-wing label - VAWS, Verlag + Agentur Werner Symanek. VAWS published clearly neonazi videos and German nationalist materials, but also spearheaded a right-wing attempt to breakthrough in German music scenes beyond oi and rac. Josef Maria Klumb (Von Thronstahl) worked with VAWS. Feindflug rejected the critique and read a formal statement of denial at their concert at the 1999 Wave Gotik Treffen. They stated that their music is intended as criticism of the issues it describes, not as glorification. Quote: Das Projekt vertritt definitiv kein faschistoides Gedankengut! Oder würde es sonst Titel geben, wie „Stukas im Visier“ bzw. „Kahle Bedrohung“?! Die Mühe, auch mal etwas zu hinterfragen, muß man sich schon selbst machen...Use your brain and think about it! Use your brain and think about it! With the increasing success of Feindflug, the criticism abated, but still irritates the band, who have had to constantly defend themselves (using that English-language slogan). At their website - http://www.feindflug.info/ - the flash intro features photographs of several German World War II scenes, an electric chair, and President George W. Bush, in between the voice samples "Von hier gibt es kein Entkommen" ("From here, there is no escape") and "Schluss damit!" ("Stop it!") with the band's slogan "Use your brain and think about it!" appearing in between.

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