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There is more than one artist with this name: 1)FEL is an electronic trio consisting of artists named Flasch, Error303 and Lateq (and sometimes zov). The genre cannot be quite set since it is far beyond words. 2) An independent black metal project by Cargest of Moldern. Fel is one of the founding projects from The Order of the Silver Night (OSN). "Fel is a celebration of darkness, an acceptance of what is seen as "evil" by modern man, a reverence of Nature in its most basic form. Death and Life, joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, are praised in equal part. In order to be fulfilled, one must accept Reality for what it is." Fel has three official releases: "The Wanderer" - 2009 download) "Nigromantic Summonings from the Veiled Forest of Shadows" (demo) - 2009 (download ) "Orynde De Yne Blaeke Kyninge" ('live' EP) - 2009(download)

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