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There are 3 artists called Fell: 1) A shoegaze/postrock band from Denver, Colorado founded by Josh Wambeke 2) An avantgarde/IDM/electro/breaks project by John McCaig from Seattle, Washington signed to Enpeg Digital label. 3) Nicolas Burrows: artist, illustrator, musician from the North West coast of England. 1) Fell ... is the latest project by Josh Wambeke of the Denver, Colorado psychedelic pop duo Phineas Gage (last heard in 2000 on their Camera Obscura CD "Reconsidered"). The band began life as a series of four-track tapes culled from a backlog of Josh Wambeke's demos - experimental odds and ends deemed unsuitable for inclusion in the Phineas Gage repertoire due to their heavy usage of electronics and drum machines. When Wambeke's colleague in Gage, Patrick Porter, embarked on an extensive globe-trot and started on a series of solo releases, Wambeke set out to combine the existing electro-ambient feel of these demo tracks with the heavily-reverbed space guitars and layered, subterranean vocals that had comprised the Phineas Gage sound. Recruiting local drummer Josh Cedillo and friends Zac Hilman, and Mike Dewey, Wambeke purchased home recording equipment and spent the next year in his grandmother's basement recording the songs for a first Fell album. 2) Fell is John McCaig. He was born and raised in Seattle Washington and doesn't think he'll ever move. John has has been playing, making, sampling, mixing and synthesizing music for over 25 years. He received his BFA from the University of Washington in Digital Signal Processing and Music Composition. In addition to a minor obsession with buying and selling gear on a regular basis and mastering @ PanicStudios John puts his musical ideas into Fell. He feels he has yet to get to where he is going. Lets hope he never gets there. 3) F E L L is Nicolas Burrows: artist, illustrator, musician. From the North West coast of England, now based in the East of London. Finding songs in the hills, rivers, apartments and houses, dreams and books. Performing and recording for years as 'Glaciers', Nicolas has been a band member & collaborator with musicians in Yorkshire, Wales, Oslo and London, building up a catologue a of albums, EPs, live recordings and rough takes. Pastoral poetry, whimsical meanderings and introspective philosophies come together around simple melodies and arrangements somewhere South of Mt Eerie, Jonathan Richman, Diane Cluck and Van Morrison. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, FELL is singing open-hearted and gently picking guitars in little caves, in hollow rooms, in fields in gathering gloom, in taverns and out in the hills somewhere near you…

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