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1) Fen is a progressive black metal band inspired by the bleak, esoteric landscapes of Eastern England. They blend aspects of atmospheric black metal, post-rock and folk to express loss, sorrow, exaltation and a sense of ancient pride through music. The band have released one EP entitled Ancient Sorrow (2007) and four studio albums: The Malediction Fields (2009), Epoch (2011), Dustwalker (2013), and Carrion Skies (2014). They have also released a split with De Arma entitled Towards the Shores of the End (2011) and a demo entitled Onset of Winter (2008). The project was formed in early 2006 by Grungyn, Theutus and The Watcher. In 2007, Draugluin joined the group on keyboards. In early 2010, Draugluin was replaced by Æðelwalh, who later left the band in 2011. Theutus was also replaced by Derwydd that same year. Current Members: Grungyn - bass, vocals (2006-present) The Watcher - guitar, vocals (2006-present) Derwydd - drums (2011-present) Former Members: Theutus - drums (2006-2011) Draugluin - keyboards (2007-2010) Æðelwalh - keyboards (2010-2011) Discography: 2007 - Ancient Sorrow (EP) 2008 - Onset of Winter (demo) 2009 - The Malediction Fields (LP) 2011 - Epoch (LP) 2011 - Towards the Shores of the End (split w/ De Arma) 2013 - Dustwalker (LP) 2014 - Carrion Skies (LP) https://www.facebook.com/fenofficial https://soundcloud.com/fen-uk __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) In January of 1998, in the mountain shadows of Nelson, British Columbia, a creator-ship was formed between two recluses. One had long hair, strange tattoos, and rode a motorbike and played guitar. The other was a tall, pale, librarian-type figure, with a voice that as easily terrified as soothed. For more than a decade Fen has been at work, assembling songs of a dark nature, giving refuge to the melancholy, the wanting, and at times, the disturbed. The debut recording, Surgical Transfusion of Molting Sensory Reflections (2000), identified Fen as "the only band of its kind on the coast" (The Nerve Magazine), perhaps due to its nauseating rhythms and cranial song forms. A concept album followed, set in an isolated estuary. Entitled Heron Leg (2003), this album left listeners both wondering and unnerved, and has been called "one of those great CDs the listener can get into more and more deeply" (Discorder Magazine). The next from Fen, Congenital Fixation (2006), was a Freudian-esque phantasmagoric acid crash into the subconscious. Drawing comparisons from Opeth to Faith No More, it features drum guru Randall Stoll (KD Lang, Tom Cochrane), and on bass, Mike Young of The Devin Townsend Band. On July 2010, Fen released their long-awaited fourth recording, a collection of lullabies and ballads called Trails out of Gloom. This was the band's first album under the California-based indie label Ripple Music. The album met with wide critical acclaim in the realm of progressive rock and metal, receiving mention in Classic Rock Magazine and a perfect 16/16 review from Progression Magazine. In May 2011, Fen was invited to open for British/Israeli band Blackfield, at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre. www.fenmusic.ca __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3) Fen is the independent artist Megan Feniak who has so far released one album, I Live Everywhere, now streaming on purevolume.

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