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Fenster biography

There are several artists called Fenster. 1. FENSTER (Berlin/New York) — formed in 2010 by JJ Weihl (NY), Jonathan Jarzyn (Berlin). Later joined by Lucas Chantre (FR) and Will Samson (UK). They make de-constructed pop music, exploring electro acoustic arrangements peppered with traffic noises and bird calls. Their lyrics are often carefully constructed dream narratives, finding inspiration in the world of ghosts, graveyards. trains, religious imagery, and broken machinery. In their music, they build songs around errors, blending melodic chords with broken beats or minimal percussion. Their instruments range from banjo to synth to inanimate objects, using slamming doors and city soundscapes. They recorded their first album Bones with their friend and producer Tad Klimp before ever having played live together. The recordings took exactly eight days and were a magical time, where they almost completely lived at their basement studio in Steglitz in the dead of winter. A window fell on JJ's head and shattered. 2. Fenster is a hip-hop music producer. 3. Fenster are a five piece indie/acoustic band based in London, formed when Ollie Baines (guitar/vocals) and close friend Dori Macaulay (violin) met George Hart (drums), Tom Mason (bass) and Brigitte Beraha (keys/vocals). The musical chemistry was ripe. Sparks flew. Since their conception the band has performed at venues across London including the Barfly, Borderline, Water Rats, Cobden Club, Dublin Castle, Roadhouse, Spitz, Bull & Gate, West One Four, Kashmir Klub, and the Hope & Anchor. Fenster possess an innovative approach to melodic guitar music - meshing the upbeat harmonious elements of rock, the groove of funk and the heartfelt intimacies of acoustic folk. Memorable songs are delivered with outstanding musicianship. 4. Fenster are a ska/funk/rock band that existed in Columbus, Ohio from 1997 until 2004. They released a self-titled full length in 1998 and an EP (Causing Problems) in 2000.

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