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There are multiple artists tracked as “Fera” on Last.fm: 1) A high energy, pop-punk band from South Carolina looking to make a name for themselves with crazy on stage antics, stage dives, push pits, and sing a longs. Brandon Kirby - Vocals Tres Bryant - Lead Guitar Trey Gaines - Guitar Jennings Compton - Bass Damian Johnson - Drums 2) Fera is a Canadian Pop rock/Singer-songwriter duo composed of twin sisters Courtney Fera and Stephanie Fera. Over the past ten years Fera has recorded three albums: ‘The Music Room’ (2005), ‘Familiar Feeling’ (2007), and most recently a self-titled EP (2009). 3) Fera is a experimental / folk / indie from Chico, CA. Fera was the cutest kitten in the litter with the loudest meow. Fera uses traditional instruments to make (modern/ unique/ forward-thinking/ iconoclastic) music, driven by (dynamic/ rhythmic/ percussive) guitar work and lyrics rich in imagery. Fera is the dark but sweet marrow of indie folk! Fera writes songs with deftly oiled words that lubricate the gears of even the rustiest of hearts. Random, ramble, mumble, fumble, rare." - Kim, Cobby, Sean, Jody and Megan.

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