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There are two bands with the name Feral Children. 1) Not long ago, a band of backwoods guys named Feral Children uprooted themselves to Seattle and immediately created a ruckus with songs of primal intensity soaring with pop sensibility. Pacific Northwest tastemakers jumped all over their 2007 debut, Second to the Last Frontier: “ [it] will undoubtedly be heralded as one of 2007’s best” (The Stranger), “the future is now for the Feral Children” (John Richards, KEXP), and even “Perfect, absolutely perfect” (Seattle Sound Magazine). And the visceral ferocity of their live performances quickly earned them choice slots at most major Seattle venues (Showbox, Neumos, The Crocodile, Bumbershoot, etc.) followed by national tours to CMJ and SXSW. Their haunting 2nd LP, Brand New Blood (also produced by Scott Colburn of Animal Collective fame) evokes Feral Children’s rural PNW territory - sprawling, chilly, vast, strange, and, at times, violently stormy. The schoolboy-choir harmonizing and classic “oohs” over the more delicate compositions on Brand New Blood sound like this pack of Feral Children ate Grizzly Bear, while the louder, angular, and unpredictable stretches suggest Sigur Ros gone rabid. The album is all about haunting atmospheres; specifically, the Pacific Northwest woods featured in Twin Peaks or Twilight. It feels as if it were recorded along the banks of the Green River Gorge in January at 3 a.m., with the cold blankets of synthesizer (“Kid Origami”), their trademark tooth-clattering, dueling percussion that sounds like the breaking of bones (“Castrato”), and the volatile, strangling guitars (“Enchanted Parkway”). The music of Feral Children feeds off of isolation and loneliness, the ghosts of their working-class pasts, and the awkwardness of trying to fit in to Seattle’s hyper self-aware music scene. But these guys are proud to stand together as a pack: defiant, dysfunctional, and outsiders to the core More information can be found at www.myspace.com/feralchildrenseattle http://sarathan.com/artists/feralchildren.html http://www.facebook.com/pages/Feral-Children/8606549581?ref=ts 2) Shifting from solo project to full blown rock band, Feral Children is a strange and intense take on pop music filtered through the deep glorious tunnels of psychedelia, noise and electronica characterized by the use of samples, beats as well as a full kit, live loops, delay and reverb, over driven tubes and a strong belief in the thoughts that propel all of them. Releases included a small run of CDR's " Hits and Improv" which charted on CJSR in Edmonton and they were praised by Weirdcanada.com. followed by "Currents" in the summer of 2009. "Currents" was less lo-fi, had a bigger budget and was pressed and released in a much larger way charting across canada on community and college radio stations. the "in awe" ep was released digitally along with a duo of singles at http://feralchildren.bandcamp.com/. in may of 2011 the Reverb 7" was released through leaning tree records. a small run of "archives" cassettes was made in anticipation of wyrd fest iii. the new full band full length album is set feral children will also have a track "uandi" featured on Mammoth cave's Blood stains across the praries 7". the track will also be made available for download at http://feralchildren.bandcamp.com/. From Saskatoon, Sk, Canada - Ryan Scott Davidson - samples, vocals, guitar, loops and beats Will Kaufhold - guitar Bennett Dobni - drums, samples, programming and beats Sarah Marie Charters - bass

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