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Feridun Düzağaç (b.1968) is a Turkish rock singer-songwriter and occasional actor. Düzağaç was born on 10th October 1968 in Adana. His professional musical career started as the lead singer of a music group in Mersin. In 1988, he and four of his university friends formed the group TINI in order to write their own songs. In 1990, his poems were published in an anthology with other amateur poets from his university. In 1994, the demo album of group TINI, Öğrenci İndirimi, was released by ADA Music. His first solo album, Beni rahatta dinleyin, including songs he wrote while doing his military service, was released in January 1997. His first hit song was "Lavinia", a setting of a poem by Özdemir Asaf. His second album, Köprüden önce son çıkış, was released in July 1998. His third solo album © Tüm Hakları Yalnızlığıma Aittir was released in May 2001. In June 2003 he released Orijinal Altyazılı, which was a success, and included hit songs such as "Alev Alev", "Cumartesi", and "Buralardan Gitme". In August 2004, his first live concert album, recorded at Harbiye Open Air Theatre, was released as Uzun Uzun Feridun Düzağaç. In 2006, he released Bir Devam Filmi / Siyah Beyaz Türkçe Dublaj. Düzağaç is known for his heartbroken, sad songs. As well his musical careeer, he's started an acting career. He appeared in the film Gece 11.45 in 2005 and in İki Süper Film Birden in 2006. He also wrote a sports column for the newspaper Radikal between June 2005 and May 2006.

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