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Ferri biography

There are 2 artists named Ferri: #1: Ferri (Japan) A solo project by Ferri (vo. key. programing), An artist from Fukuoka. She is active around Tokyo now. With a laptop, she performs lyrics, composition, arrangement, the keyboard performance, and vocal by her own. She spins music which sounds like looking around slightly sad and missing scenery of your young time, and fuses the classic sound using the piano she got used to from childhood and a homesickness-like synthesizer sound. The solid synthesizer sound with the expanse and her vocal sounding from a low tone to a falsetto freely. The electronic sound that is ambient to go round like a revolving lantern. The music of magnificent Ferri with the thickness leads you to such a mysterious world. It seems to draw your small life on the campus called the earth. myspace : http://www.myspace.com/ooferrioo #2: Ferri (Germany) Ferri produces German children music. He is giving concerts for children, but also further trainings for grown ups in social jobs. http://www.ferri-kindertheater.de/

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