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FEST VAINQUEUR is a Japanese visual kei band formed in Osaka, Japan in 2010/10/27. The originial lineup consisted of the same members from SINCREA, which was formed in June 2005 and disbanded in 2010/03/28. On 2012/05/20 guitarist TOMO departed from the band due to musical differences. Support guitarists I'LL and GAKU officially joined HAL, HIRO, and KAZI in 2012/07/14. Members: Vocal: HAL Guitar: GAKU Guitar: I'LL Bass: HIRO Drums: KAZI Former Member: Guitar: TOMO Discography: (2014.07.30) ヴァレンシアとヴァージニア (2014.05.07) LIONHEART (1st Full-length Album) (2013.08.28.) NANIWA SAMBA (2013.03.20.) TRISKELION (2012.10.17.) GENERATION (1st CONCEPT ALBUM) (2012.03.07) 愛の鎖 (2011.09.07) 覇斬 (2011.05.11) BLAZE (2010.12.08) FEST VAINQUEUR OHP

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