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1. Fester was a death metal band from Malmö, Sweden. Formed in 2011. 2. FESTER was founded back in ’89 and hails from Askim in Norway. This quartet of teenagers had a wish of playing hard, extreme music which described their dark inner self. It didn’t matter if it was called black, death ,doom , thrash metal, or what ever influenced by old school acts of the time like Slayer, Hellhammer,Pestilence, Obituary, Celtic Frost and Kreator. FESTER never liked being labeled , and being open to whatever came into their mind and hands, FESTER made original dark music witch no other band to this date has made anything similar to.. The band themselves describes their music as Heavy, dark, atmospheric, gloomy extreme music with touches of Death, Black and Thrash metal. Or as an old flyer said : “ Death the way it was meant to be”. The band , especially Tiger, was heavy into the Norwegian scene from ’91. Many claimed the band being part of the “Inner circle”, though the band never got the recognition they deserved due to the music style they played. It was only pure black metal who counted, and lots of great Death/Thrash bands got lost because of this. Despite of this, FESTER’s two demos – “ The Introduction” (’91) and “Winter of Sin” ( ’92) sold out fast, and the band received over 20 record deals(..). The band ended up releasing their debut album on the infamous “ No Fashion Records” in mid ’92. The album sold well, but due to several reasons the band made a new contract with “Lethal Records” in ’93. The band released their follow up late ’93. It was entitled “ Silence” and tragically it was FESTER’s last studio album. After the “Silence” release the band was offered touring for several months with among others “At the Gates” , and the band received great reviews . The band members wanted different things, and due to these personal differences the band split up. FESTER was to reunite in 2000, and re-released “Silence” on No Fashion Records . When bass player died of a drug overdose a few months into the same year, these plans were crushed. Tiger later played in a band called “Sinc era” (from 2002), and we will see a very spesial release on Abyss Records late september 2011. A remastered versjon of their unreleased demo- ”Tall and Proud” , and 4 raw and filthy live trax. The album will be entitled ”Cursed and Proud”. FESTER released a compilation of their two first demos and rare live stuff on Kyrck Production mid 2010, and due to public demand, their two first records has now been re- released . “Winter of Sin” and ”SIlence” has been sold out for over 15 years, and it’s about time the public can get their hands on these lost gems! Both albums has newly been released on Digi cd ( with brand new artwork, liner notes of the band and rare bonus tracks ) on Abyss Records, and on gatefold vinyl on Ironbonehead Production . So why all this fuzz around a band that supposedly split up 10 years ago …? This is the year of a FESTERing resurrection… The band will resurrect with the first studio album in 16 years! Thomas Andresen of Algol/SIncera is fetched in as permanent member on Vocals, Audun Kleive ( a world famous jazz musician) will session the drums, and Jon (Kampfar) will do the bass. The album has been recorded in Bonemachine studio by Raymond Pellicer, and will bereleased through Abyss records late 2011. The album will also include a Mortiis remix. The album has been recorded without guitar effect boxes, only old amps and racks has been used. Old gitars ,that had it's renosance 30 years ago, and the drummer 's only using a single bass drum . The album is cold as ice, and dark as hell... Dark, mystiq moods, with a nod to the old school FESTER grew up with.. The album will be entitled ”A celebration of death”, and Eliran Kantor will create the cover this celebration deserves… Discography: “Winter of Sin “ – No Fashion Records – 1992- Cd “Silence” – Lethal Records – 1994 - Cd “The commitments that shattered “ Kyrck Production – 2010-Cd/3 Lp editions “Winter of Sin“ Gatefold LP – Ironbonehead Production - 2010 “Winter of Sin“ re-issue – Abyss Records – 2010 “Silence” re-issue – Abyss records – February 2011 - Cd “Silence” – Gatefold LP – Iron Bonehead Production – February 2011 - Cd “A Celebration of Death” LP – Abyss records - March 2012 - Cd Bandcontact : bmfester56@gmail.com 3. Fester is the duo of Brooklyn bassist Sean Ali and Manhattan drummer David Grollman, using extended and unusual techniques to create mesmerizing and riveting improvisations

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