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There are 5 known artists called Fetish: 1. Fetish was originally a five piece band from Cape Town, South Africa. They comprised Michelle Breeze (Vocals), Dominic Forrest (Guitars), Jeremy Daniel (Bass), Ross Campbell(Drums, previously Croc E Moses) and David Fiene(Keyboards). They released two full length albums (Fetish - 1997, So Many Prophets - 1999) and an EP (Shade Of A Ghost - 1999). Between 2002-2004 the band relocated to the UK and played with a new lineup comprised of Michelle Breeze (Vocals), Dominic Forrest (Guitars), Dino Sofos (Keyboards), Omar Marantz (Bass) and Roy Pfeffer (Drums). They played at Ocean and Shepherds Bush Empire (now the O2 Empire). An album of unreleased songs and demos recorded between 1999 - 2001, 'Remains', was released in 2006. In 2006/7, Michelle Breeze started a project called DarkPOP http://www.myspace.com/darkpopuk http://www.discogs.com/artist/Fetish ---------------------- 2. FETISH from KOKOMO, IN, USA FETISH is an all-original Hard Rock quartet from Kokomo, IN. The seat of all great music. Originally formed in 1986 by guitarist Scott "Boota" Carpenter, FETISH has underwent multiple transformations over its long life until finally ending with its current line-up. Keith "KEG" The Sweaty Mexican provides the vocal power of a car-crusher to this powerhouse group. He can sing it all. Scott "Boota" Carpenter is the guitarist and majority writer for the band. Melodic and sweet or just plain dirty and mean, he runs the gambit of sound. Tom Todd is the bone-crushing drum-maniac for the band. Trained in Jazz and Funk, Tom takes out the aggressions of everyday life in a way that makes other drummers cringe and womens asses shake. He really likes the last part! Get album here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/fetishmusic ---------------------- 3. Fetish is also a short-lived band out of Perth, Western Australia, who released one EP titled "Plastic". As far as anyone knows, this was their only release. The EP was released in the mid-1990s and featured four tracks: "Plastic", "Live With It", "No More" and "Solitary Girl". --------------------- 4. Fetish is/was (?) a Dutch Joy Division tribute band, they performed at Rotown, Rotterdam 5. Fetish is a Cyber/Porngrind project from Mexico. 6. Fetish was a Japanese visual-kei band active in 2011. For the alternative page, please use Fetish.

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