Fever top 20 songs


Fever biography

Fever is a three piece band from Orlando, Florida consisting of Kelly MacDonald, Artie Burer, and Travis Reed. www.feverfeverfever.bandcamp.com www.feverfeverfever.tumblr.com 2.) Fever are a Seattle, WA threesome boasting members of Sidetracked, Sojourner and Owen Hart, playing a musical cacophony that meshes bands like Cold Sweat, Rorschach, Citizens Arrest and Integrity. They have a 7" on 16oh Records. 3.) Fever are a disco/funk group from the 70s, responsible for the hit "Beat Of The Night", which is on their self-titled album. 4.) Fever were a German abstract hip-hop duo consisting of Paul Affeld (Paul PM) and Frederic Stader (Din-ST). They released one album on Digital Hardcore Recordings in 1998. 5.) Fever is also a 70s Japanese pop trio.

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