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For the french funk rock band, see F.F.F. FFF is breakcore artist/producer and DJ Tommy de Roos from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Born in Vlissingen in 1979, started making music in the mid 90's,influenced by rave,jungle & Digital Hardcore.He organized the now legendary "Breakcore a go-go" events (together with Bong-Ra) at waterfront Rotterdam, and is now organizing the "Wreck havoc" parties .he played breakcore parties all over europe and released records on labels like:Kool.pop,Sprengstoff,Mindbender, Clash, Hong Kong violence, k-produktions, Sonic Beligeranza, Intellectual Violence. Discography Smiles Are Evil EP (Hong Kong Violence) Clash Of The Titans (Sprengstoff Records/Mindbender Records) Murder / Junglist (Clash Records) Fuck Copyrights!! (K-Hole Productions) The Smell Of Urine After Eating Asparagus E.P. (Sonic Belligeranza) 20.000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong (Murder Channel Records)

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