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Fernando Ramirez Rios, known as Fhernando, was born on June 19, 1985. Fhernando developed his interest in music from a very early age and started taking acoustic drum and singing lessons since he was very young. As a teenager, Fhernando dreamed of being part of the music industry and launching new albums. He learned to play the piano and his interest in music became ever more intense. In 2007, Fhernando launches a compilation album titled I Love New York through Juno Download, which included his best songs remixed from previous EPs and other albums released via internet and specialized pages for independent DJs and music producers. It became very popular on sites like Download.com, Acid Planet and Juno Download itself. During the summer of 2008, Fhernando works on what would end up being his first commercial album and released it on major digital stores in the US and around the world - Sweet Addiction has become one of his most acclaimed works from the beginning of his career in 1999. Sweet Addiction earned Fhernando a new fan base and very favorable reviews on sites like Jamendo, FrostClick, and Download.com, among others. After an intense promotional effort in 2009, Fhernando launches an EP with 4 new songs titled Falling Down to the digital market in 2010. In 2012, Fhernando returns to the music scene with his most successful musical production to date, Last Days Of Disco, a tribute to the 80's and the decline of disco music at the time, with songs like Funkylicious, Ride My Tempo and (I Need Ya) LOVE. Once more, Fhernando charmed his public generating rave reviews and placing several of the songs in the album in commercial ads. So far, the album has achieved approximately 500,000 thousand digital downloads. Following the success of the album Last Days Of Disco in late 2012, Fhernando published two albums for the first time on CD format: Sweet Addiction and Last Days of Disco, obtaining a favorable response from the public and his followers. In late 2013 and throughout 2014, Fhernando began working on his latest album titled, Crazy Sexy Funky Love. Fhernando hopes to charm his audience and fans once again with the 11 tracks in the album, and have the opportunity to take it on his first international live tour.

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