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Fiedel biography

Michael Fiedler aka Fiedel is one half of MMM, the other member being Erik Wiegand, better known as Errorsmith. He is a member of the ever growing resident family of Berghain, Berlin's venue, famous for it's reckless techno celebrations and vicious fetish parties filled with fluids and debaucheries. "I think I got my education in the early '90s. I started working at Hard Wax in 2007. The person who educated me was actually Fiedel from Berghain, the DJ. I lived in Schwedt at that time, maybe 70km to the northeast of Berlin. I started to buy records and listen to techno, and he was always the DJ that had the cool records. He had the cool stuff from the US or the UK. He was too cool for me." -Shed

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