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There are 8 artists going by the name Fierce: 1) Fierce is an upcoming independent spoken word artist who achieved spoken word history by becoming the first spoken word artist ever to be a top ten artist on a major music website in 2008, at In her reign of she massed over 88,000 fans as well as more than 7.1 million views to content on her page, and was recognized by imeem as a featured artist as well as given an official profile similar to those of major artists on the site. The imeem staff was very supportive of her growth and development as an artist and even offered promotional opportunities. The very sudden and unannounced shut down of to a myspace take over December 8, 2009 has not detoured her from her goals and you can now find her rebuilding at 2) British Girl Trio consisting of Aisha, Chantal and Sabrina, viewed by many as a "grown-up" version of girl group Cleopatra. They had moderate success with their hits 'Dayz Like That' and 'So Long', their biggest hit was 'Sweet Love 2K' which peaked at number 3 in the UK charts, and was a cover of Anita Baker's classic. The girls have now disbanded after member Aisha left the group. 3)Fierce is a Finnish, Helsinki-based, thrash/speed metal band. They are strongly influenced by the Bay-area thrash metal scene and old finnish speed and thrash metal bands, such as Stone and Airdash. Fierce started in 2004 and has since released two promo-CDs. Their music has moved to more aggresive and brutal direction, still having the old school feeling in it. 4) Drum and bass DJ. 5) Fierce is a Rockband from Waddinxveen (The Netherlands) 6) Rapper. He only ever released one 12" in 1996 with two tracks: "Crab" and "Come close". Was briefly featured in 2000 on The Madd Rapper's album "Tell 'Em Why U Madd" on the track "Whatever". Otherwise has remained completely obscure. 7) A dark-psytrance DJ 8) A parisian hardcore bands in the vein of Terror

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