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Fiero biography

Fiero aka Daniel Olarte is an electronic disco act based in NYC. Although the single "Disco Night and "Armadillo" are his most know tracks, his music style has much more to offer.However, Many people label his style as retro-futurism. Furthermore, in 2011 he was signed on the Italian Label Sauroid with the album L'homme Bionique" His music is Played and supported by: Bottin, Flemming Dalum, Mick Wills, Rodion, Skatebård, Franz Underwear, Sare Havlicek, The Model, Ulysses, Sarah Main, Billy Bogus, DJ Rocca, Juanpablo, Catalepsia, Fratelli Riviera, Kalson, Valyom, Andrea Rango, DJ Aladyn, Irregular Disco Workers, Leri Ahel, Cute Heels, Keen K, PH Groove and many more. Albums:Fiero Ritmo Frenetico2010 Fiero:L'homme Bionique:2012 Fiero Beatport Catalog:

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