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The FIFTH STREET SAINTS are a high energy modern rock band from East Tennessee. Forming in May of 2010 Eddie Self, Chad Webb, Shane Hoosier and Jeremy Arangio started writing a catalog of songs with epic proportions. Once the songs were in place, they knew that their live show had to be over the top. So they assembled a live show that would leave jaws on the floor.The next step was to see if their preparation had been worthwhile. So after winning several competitions and performing in front of thousands of people across east Tennessee. The FIFTH STREET SAINTS focused on creating a powerful recording that captured the energy that they bring to their live shows. With that in mind only one name came to mind, Travis Wyrick. Travis has won multiple Dove awards and has been nominated for a Grammy. So with much preparation and focus, Eddie, Chad, Shane and Jeremy finished their debut EP " Reasons to Run". Now the FIFTH STREET SAINTS embark on a journey to deliver this EP to the WORLD! Believe the HYPE! Band Members: Eddie Self Shane Hoosier Chad Webb Jeremy Arangio

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