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Florida biography

If you are here for the hip-hop artist Flo Rida, do Last.fm and yourself a favor and please fix your tags. There is more than one artist named Florida 1. Florida is a lo-fi Psychedelic band signed to Shdwply Records. "Florida founder Daniel Rineer began writing and recording for lo-fi, psychedelic releases in early 2006. In Brooklyn, New York, early 2008, a band had formed. This consisted of CJ Jankow, Jordan Pettingill, and Daniel. Both Jankow and Pettingill were from the state of Florida and have been lifelong musical partners in bands such as Cop City Chill Pillars & Freak Church. Both members are once again residing in Florida. Daniel, who was born in Alaska and has lived in Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Arizona, San Francisco & LA, still currently resides in NY. Teruhisu Uchiyama from Japan, is the current bass player. John Martinez from Arizona & LA is on drums and backing vocals, and Daniel is on guitar and vocals." http://shdwplyrecords.com/artists.html 2. Florida were an electronic band signed to Whipwray records.

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