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The band, originally from Odessa, Ukraine, was formed in February, 2000 when Olga Pulatova/Ольга Пулатова (piano, vocal, lyrics) and Yelena Voynarovskaya/Елена Войнаровская (guitar, vocal, lyrics) started to rehearse in a home studio. March 8, 2000 is considered the official birthday of the band when the third member, Yulia Zemlyanaya (flute), joined the band. As for the name, everyone interprets it differently. For some the word 'flёur' is a French translation for 'flower', for some it is Baudelaire's 'Flowers of Evil', others think of music. But actually the Russian word 'флёр' has a remarkable meaning - 'a veil'. Flёur's debut took place on March 17, 2000 with the 'Atmosphere' night programme in the Actors' Club in Odessa. Dmitry Vekov is the author of the programme, and now remains an active participant of the band. In May, 2000 Flёur was joined by Yekaterina Serbina (cello), in August, 2000 - Alexey Tkachevsky (percussion), in January, 2001 - Vitaly Didyk (double-bass), and in autumn of 2001 - Alexey Dovgalyov (keyboards, guitar). The current lineup also includes Vladislav Mitsovsky (percussion), Alexandra Didyk (cello), Anastasia Kuzmina (violin), Yekaterina Kotelnikova (keyboards) and Alla Luzhetskaya (flute). Many attempts to attribute Flёur to any specific genre, whether it be neoclassic, dream-pop, gothic or ethereal, ended with the band's own definition - cardio-wave. The French label 'Prikosnovenie' specifies similarity of Flёur's music to such artists as Cocteau Twins and Bel Canto. Flёur has released seven official albums: 'Прикосновение' ("Soft Touch"), 'Волшебство' ("Magic"), 'Сияние' ("Shining"), 'Всё вышло из-под контроля' ("Everything is out of Control"), 'Эйфория' ("Euphoria"), 'Тысяча светлых ангелов' ("Thousands of Bright Angels"), 'Пробуждение' ("Awakening"), two unofficial - "Почти живой" ("Almost Live") (recorded during a concert on June 17, 2000 in the Odessa Actors' Club) and "Сердце" ("Heart") (recorded on November 10, 2000 during a concert in the same hall), as well as a compilation album 'Флёрография' ("Fleurography") in 2007. For more details please visit Flёur's official site www.fleurmusic.com/.

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