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Flute of Shame is an acoustic trio formed in Finland in 2010 by Koop Arponen, James Lascelles and Dane Stefaniuk. Before the three formed the group Arponen had won Finnish Idols in 2008 and consequently released two albums; New Town was released in March 2009 and was followed by Bright Lights a year later, in March 2010. Lascelles had been involved with Cassini before Flute of Shame. The group plays mainly in their home of Finland, but have also toured Spain and the United Kingdom. Their debut single Pictures on my Wall won the Alla Pugachova prize in the international New Wave song contest in 2011, held in Latvia. Since then they have released two EPs, with Coming Home released in July 2012 and These Hands following it in June 2013. Their official website is http://www.fluteofshame.com/ The trio released their latest EP These Hands on 7th June 2013, with the tracks These Hands, Peace of Mind and Poet and the Siren. In July 2012 Flute of Shame had followed up their New Wave-winning single Pictures on my Wall with a four-track EP entitled Coming Home. In addition to the first track, which shares the name of Coming Home with the EP itself, the tracks are The Landlord, Waiting and Wake Up.

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