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Fly Society is a hip hop group from Long Beach, California consisting of Terry Kennedy, international pro skater and captain of Pharrell's Ice Cream Skate Team, Curren$y, Hit and in-house producer Felix. Having released singles such as Fresh, Supras, Drama and Super Star, plus a mixtape Fly With Us or Lie Beneath Us the group is set to release their album "International Passport" in 2011. With the combination of hardhitting lyrics from the West, a down South swagger, and contagious hooks that are sure to grab worldwide attention, Fly Society is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Fly Society not only represents the Hip Hop and skate worlds, but a vast array of cultures and lifestyles that range from urban and subburban youth to international fashion and style. From TK’s influential style, H.I.T.’s undeniable West Coast flows blended with a East swagger evident in songs like "Drama", the hot single featured on projects such as The "Ice Cream Skate Video: Vol. 1" and EA Sports’ upcoming "Skate" game, to Curren$y’s flossy Magnolia southern swag made popular through his Cash Money, Young Money Clique counterparts, the dynamic trio stand alone as one unstoppable unit.

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