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Fun People was a Hardcore-Punk alternative band formed in 1989 in the city of Campana (Argentina). They were active until 2000. They sing in English and Spanish, often mixing both languages in a single song or even line. Human and animal rights are frequent subjects in their lyrics. The band mixes punk music with other genres such as reggae, pop, tango, thrash metal and others. As the band became well known, skinheads who enjoyed the band's aggressive music in a violent way started to show up at concerts, prompting singer Nekro to call the band's genre Antifascist gay hardcore in an attempt to get rid of those fans. For this reason Fun People is sometimes confused as queercore. Early on, the band was called Anesthesia (as a tribute to Cliff Burton). When the band was about to release their first album, planned to be self-titled, they found out someone else had already copyrighted Anesthesia as a band name. Fun People, the name of a fanzine Nekro made and sold at the band's concerts, was chosen as the band's new name and Anesthesia remained as the album's title.

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