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Fungi Girls are a trio from Cleburne, Texas. "The guys that comprise this power trio are all still barely over the legal driving age, but still not even close to the drinking age, so when the surprising and wise-beyond-their-years modern psychedelic/gaze sounds first bolted from our speakers, we had to do something about it. Their first impression sits heavily on the unique and subdued vocals that seem to lightly hover over the hazy, yet complex arrangements, forming an incredibly atmospheric blast that doesn't really sound like anything else. These promising teenagers somehow harness the confidence and proclivity to emulate compelling mid-tempo lo-fi pop songs that eerily deliver hooks that stick, and come out with a sound all their own that you'll no doubt be hearing more of soon. Look for the Fungi Girls full length LP on HoZac to hit record stores later this year, and dive into their world head-first with this seductive single." - HoZac Current releases include Seafaring Pyramids 12" on Play Pinball Records (2011), "Turquoise Hotel" b/w "Doldrums" 7" on HoZac Records, a split 7" with Vancouver garage rockers Indian Wars on Psychic Lunch Records, "Owsley Knows" b/w "Glare #2" 7" on Group Tightener, and Some Easy Magic 12" LP on HoZac Records.

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