Funkanomics top 20 songs


Funkanomics biography

Proof, FxFarmer and Bobby Kudlicz: three Headz from the very south of Germany, who founded the project “Funkanomics” at the end of of 2006, run riot themselves with new german electronic music and mix in their productions the strict formal severity of hard outlined electronic with the pulsating aliveness of the flowing emotionality of funk. Sound created for the dancefloor, which will be delighted by strong basslines paired with pumping grooves. A fusion, which definatley works and won..t be retired. Fresh wind, fresh breath, fresh sound from the lake of constance in South-Germany. In their sets the Funkos play breakbeat with influences from hiphop, funk, dopes beats, reggae and electro. They play their own productions live from the MPC and otherwise basically work with honest, crackling vinyl. They try to brush against conventional DJ-ing and present their sound, that you wont..t have to hear it three times to not get it out of your ears. The Funkanomics definately bring more “sex” on the dancefloor, in order to keep the crowd screaming and dancing.

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