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Funkasaurus biography

If FUNKASAURUS were a real dinosaur, it would be 300ft tall, bright purple and rip the heads off T-rex's for fun. Tim Allister & Graham Ginty, AKA Funkasaurus, hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland and are currently building a fearsome reputation in the dance world. Hatched 3 years ago, Funkasaurus quickly became top predators within the local scene holding down dates at top venues around the region. A residency at Str8 Up in the Basement Bar, Belfast was shortly followed by their own Funkasaurus night at the same venue to the delight of the regular club goers who were already aware of (and loving!) their unique sound. They aren't called Funkasaurus for nothing... cheeky funk guitar riffs sit nicely over stomping basslines and waves of sexy synths.... breaks bombs and funky-as-hell house like it should be done! To date Funkasaurus have manned the decks alongside names such as Tiefschwarz and Rob Mello, as well as bringing guests like SuperStyleDeluxe, Groove Allegiance and Groove Diggerz to move some feet at their Basement Bar residency. In addition the guys also hold hold residencies Pirate Radio in the Basement, (that has seen them play alongside Notting Hill Carnival's infamous Sancho Panza crew and Kelvin Andrews much hyped Soul Mekanik project) and Movement at the newly refurbished Mono club. Their rising profile has also seen them play guest slots for most of the city's respected nights such as Groovalicious @ Thompsons, Phonic, Living Room and Hydroponic's Dirty Needles @ The Garrick and Infrasonic @ the Eg. The past couple of years have also witnessed the duo venturing into the world of production with tracks due for release this year on iBreaks Records, London, Control Records, Chicago and their debut two track release on Labrok Records, France dropping September 10th. Most recently Funkasaurus have signed to iBreaks with a view to releasing a new 12" in November of this year, to be followed by another single and an album early in 2008. Watch this space, theres a monster on the loose!

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