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Without any doubt, Funkstar De Luxe is currently Denmark's uncrowned king of house music, as well as the best known Danish DJ, not only in Denmark, but also abroad, A few years ago as Martin Ottesen, the boy from the Danish island Funen, he was always making a spectacle of himself on the dancefloor by dancing around in the most peculiar fashion. Because of his weird way of moving people started calling him Funkstar De Luxe, so that's how he got the name. The big hit came shortly afterwards when Funkstar got an unexpected phone call - he was offered the chance of making a remix of Bob Marley's "Sun is Shining". There was no way that Funkstar was going to refuse an offer like that, so he immediately got down to work on the now famous remix. To get the right atmosphere for the recording, the humble little studio was decorated with a couple of palm trees, and all the actual work on the remix was done only when the sun was shining! Before all that happened, however, Funkstar De Luxe played keyboard in a funk band. Through Kraftwerk's "Electric Cafe", his eyes and ears were opened to the wonders of synthesizers and samplers, with the result that he left the band. Later, along with a friend of his, he started the project P.D.Q. (Pretty Damn Quick) and recorded the singles "Eu Fonk" and "Rock De House". His next release was his debut as Funkstar De Luxe with the remix of Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining". This remix became the boot that kicked in the door of the international house scene, with global sales of more than 1.000.000 singles. Funkstar won loads of awards for the hit track which nowadays is recognized as house classics. So from all of this... Funkstar Delux kicks ass =) In 1999 and 2000 he had several hits.

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