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The Funky Brothers is a Taiwanese band from Taipei that started around 2008. They play mainly funk and soul music. Since the Funky Brothers are a family, former and occasional members are always counted in the line up, as honorary members, but forever brothers ! The current line up : VOCALS : Airy Liu GUITAR: 陳俊安 Andy BASS: 櫻木 Evel DRUMS: 徐子曜 (國境~汁男) Guo Jing TRUMPET:香蕉 ( Mr. Banana ) KEYBOARD: 捲毛 (Airy 2) SAXOPHONE: Damien Stone (石大麵) Honorary Funky Brothers 榮譽團員 KEYBOARD & VOCALS : Threestones Lee (常磊) FLUTE : 小崔 (Ray Tsui) TROMBONE: An-Chi Ling (安琪) GUITAR: 獅子丸 BASS: 小嗨(好浪漫) DRUMS: 泡騰 (PaoTeng) TRUMPET: 阿爆 (Ah Bao) TROMBONE: Andy,小魚 KEYBORD : Jason Hayashi Detailed Information : Funky Brothers, the family that will funk your life up ! Some say you can control your body, but can't control your heart. The Funky Brothers not only will have you move uncontrollably, but will give you unforgettable memories! Formed around 2008, the Funky Brothers get their inspiration from the 70~80’s, the golden age of Funk, Soul and Disco. Add some Blues, R&B, Acid Jazz or Reggae and that will give you a taste of what the Brothers mix to have the audience dance into their borderless world. The power – we might as well say the magic- of the Funky Brothers is based on a friendly groove and dedicated to anyone, to everybody, to the world, to you, to us all. The band is fronted by two awesome and completely different singers: Threestones, raising sitting crowds with his skill through his craziness, and Airy sharing her warmth with her powerful voice and charming smile. The Rhythmic section is based on the precision and creativity of drummer Guojin and bassist Yingmu. The multifaceted guitarist Andy brings some psychedelic feeling with his solos, whatever style it could be. And to complete the funky sound, the brass section of the Funky Brothers blows some color into the music. Welcome to the family ! More info and news on their official FB account :

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