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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS (ファンキー・モンキー・ベイビーズ) is a Japanese pop band grouped in 2004 under the record company DREAMUSIC Inc. All members in the group are from the Hachioji district of Tokyo. They are known for featuring celebrities in their promotion videos and singles jackets. Clearly, "BABYS" is an intentional misspelling of "BABIES." They are also known as FANMON (ファンモン) among fans. Their 4th single "Lovin' Life" is a charted hit that recorded a long sales and received multiple high rankings on the Japanese sales charts in the first half of 2007. In July of 2007, they released another single titled "Chippoke na Yuuki." They are attracting fans with their high energy live performances all over Japan and continue to gain popularity on various popular media.

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