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Fuqugi biography

Fuqugi is the solo project of Daiki Sakae, a guitarist who lives out in the wilderness in the far south of Japan - Kagoshima. The fifteen wonderful instrumentals on this debut album were all made exclusively with Sakae's favourite Gibson guitar - an incredible thought given the kind of emotional and dynamic range of the album. Sakae is by no means reliant on the natural timbres of his instrument, instead often channelling the guitar through layers of effects or digital treatments. This is always done in the pursuit of melody however - whether he's casting reverse echoes over a track or swathing ot in reverb there's always a compositional point to it and pieces like 'Statuesque', 'Lantern' - in fact any number of the pieces here - all manage to distinguish themselves as outstanding and original solo instrumentals. A gentle and patient collection of music, Gransofa + Nightingale has a certain quiet majesty to it. Recommended

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