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There are at least eight bands with the name "Fusion": (1) Fusion is an alternative and progressive modern rock band whose music is mostly associated to Muse, Metallica, Opeth, Green Day, Pink Floyd…. Why the name Fusion? It’s the story of 3 lifelong friends who started a band in 2003 in London. Clement (french/english), Rafael (french/german) and Alex (french/colombian) have known each other forever. All three have a multicultural education and lived in France and abroad. Consequently the music they wright together integrates elements of all kinds of rock, but somehow there is a homogeneity and a uniqueness in their sound; the fusion of lifelong complicity and influences. That’s what Fusion is all about, combining extremes. Melancholy and positivism, hope and despair, gentleness and rage, music to dance to and music to travel with. The lyrics too are diversified, often poetical, always personal and yet universal; self-achievement, relationships, social issues, love… Fusion might sound like a thousand different bands, but no one sounds like Fusion. Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/fusiontherockband (2) Oldskool jungle producers for Kemet and 3rd Party that scored a hit with the track "Love For The World". (3) English jazz-fusion band in the late 1970s (disbanded in 1982). Notable for its members Reg Webb (Lenny Kravitz and others) and a very young Nik Kershaw (4) French jazz band of some Magma's members : Christian Vander, Benoit Widemann, Didier Lockwood, Janick Top (5) Cleveland, Ohio industrial-dance duo of Charles Shy and Rya Sechrist, formed in 1996. In 2001, released the album "The Digital Realm" on their Infinity label. (6) A german four-piece pop band, which had one hit single in the 90's: "China in your Hand" (7) Is a jumpstyle project of Jean Patrick Deconinck & Michael Messiaen. They only released 1 vinyl "Skyliquid". Here's the Discogs link: Fusion (8) (8) An alias for techno producer Russ Gabriel

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